Müllerhaus is truly unique in the world of small press and publishing arts. For the author, we promise books that are both technically sound and commercially viable. For publishing houses, we offer an insider’s understanding of the design, production and scheduling requirements specific to our industry.

Publishing Design &
Project Management

Aesthetic appeal is only the beginning of successful publication design. Ideally, the exterior of a book or magazine serves as the advertising campaign for its content. As such, an exterior should be approached with the same wisdom, care and thoughtfulness as the marketing strategy it embodies. Well-conceived, arresting designs give publishers and authors the visibility necessary to compete on crowded bookshelves or cluttered interactive environments. From ideas, outlines and manuscripts to complete coordination, management and marketing of commercial periodicals, we are your total publishing solution.


Custom Publishing

All too often an author’s dream of the perfect book is lost on self-published projects fraught with errors encased in an unmarketable cover. Müllerhaus will guide you through the process of creating a book that is beautiful, memorable and highly marketable — a book worthy of the time and effort you put into its writing.



Book Marketing

Without proper marketing, virtually all books are doomed to gather dust. Your book, or its virtual image, must be in the right place at the right time to reach its intended audience. We understand the industry and can tell you how to effectively establish credibility for both your book — and equally important, yourself.



Müllerhaus Legacy creates custom history books of the finest quality. Our corporate history books leverage your business heritage into brand strengthening endeavors, mark corporate anniversaries and demonstrate loyalty to customers, clients and staff. Our family history books, biographies and memorials transfer wisdom from one generation to the next through family trees, photographs and personal stories told with passion, beauty and respect. Our institutional history books strengthen community support, honor luminaries, celebrate achievement, clarify purpose and encourage fundraising.

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Müllerhaus is set apart from our industry by the belief that creativity alone doesn’t determine our success. Our philosophy can be seen in the symbolism of our corporate mark: Creative excellence functioning with service, knowledge, skill & integrity bound by a circle of unlimited partnership. Ultimately, the only measure of our talent is your success.